Hey there! I’m so glad you are considering to contribute to the upkeep of this guide. So far this is still mostly one-woman-show but without the notes, corrections, comments and critiques of all the current Contributors, I would never have got where I am now.



Become a contributor:

Here are a few things you could help me out with:

  • Note down any errors, broken links, missing / faulty instructions you notice and let me know on reddit, the Nexus or Discord.
  • Help out other people on our server. I cannot reply to every help request and you would take a lot of pressure off my shoulders!
  • Suggest mods, let me know about issues about already included ones, share tricks, tweaks and your modding knowledge in general!

Keep in mind that the @Contributor role is mostly relevant – and only visible – on our Discord. However you can help me out even if you can’t or don’t want to join the server at the moment.


Why donate?

This option is mostly here because I don’t have a huge amount of money and appreciate a few extra bucks very much! However it’s not like I depend on donations to pay for a living, I do not strictly need more money. Donating will pay for the website, for the huge amounts of coffee Earl Grey and Rockstar that keep me going as well as the extra game or two to fill my Steam library.


No part of the guide will ever be locked behind of a paywall. Donators will be granted the rank Coffee Patron on our Discord as well as my eternal gratitude but there are no substantial benefits beyond that. Sorry!

If you cannot or will not donate, that is absolutely fine. You are not being a horrible person. Treat yourself to a nice pot of coffee and enjoy the guide!

Website costs

I have the domain ( running via Namecheap, at 11,38€/year.

Namecheap is also my current hoster. I’m using the Stellar plan which allows me to set up plenty of MySQL databases and subdomains which is a huge quality of life upgrade for the website. This enable me to create multiple copies of the website and work on them for a longer time before pushing big changes to the main URL.

The costs are 13,54€ for the first year and 27,08€ for all subsequent years.

With the money donated so far, the website costs for 2019 are 100% covered. THANK YOU SO MUCH!